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The connected digital healthcare platform is about engaging the healthcare seeker (such as patients) digitally through access to healthcare providers such as you. GrowAyu has been designed to connect the providers with the seeker at two levels. One being part of ‘My Circle’ of the seeker’s app of GrowAyu and the other being at ‘Interaction Level’, where the health records get created and accessible as per seeker’s need.

With this model of engagement between seeker and the provider via GrowAyu, we believe, GrowAyu will contribute to your Diagnostic Centre:

  • In providing a simple & effective way to engage your seekers through your lab services
  • for proactive and periodic engagement with your seekers by sending booking reminders
  • in bringing efficiency in your services booking by seekers, who would pay for the service at the point in time of booking for the service
  • with a facility for offering online video consultation by your resident doctors for review of test reports
  • in increasing its reach and access beyond its physical premises, wherein seekers can book for services to be delivered at home (like sample collections)
  • by being an additional access channel to reach the customers
  • through reach and access to Corporate / Companies through unique value proposition and partnerships

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