What is GrowAyu?

GrowAyu is a healthcare technology platform that helps you manage your personal health better.

  • It helps you have better interactions and engagement with your doctors, diagnostic labs and other kinds of healthcare providers.
  • GrowAyu offers a mobile app that lets you interact with your doctor over video conference, and has the potential to change positively, the model of how healthcare is delivered to you. It is intended primarily to improve the engagement of healthcare seekers with their doctors.
  • GrowAyu also enables you to avail a host of other healthcare services, for you and your family members, right from your smartphone
  • In June 2017, GrowAyu received a recognition from SiliconIndia magazine as one of the ’10 most promising mHealth Solution Providers’

How is it relevant to me?

GrowAyu gives you the experience and comfort of taking care of your health at your convenience.

  • GrowAyu removes certain physical inconveniences that may be faced by you in ensuring continuous engagement with your doctor and following their medical advice
  • It makes interacting with your doctor a lot more convenient, less stressful, in a fraction of the time required for physical consultation for the same purpose, and at a much lower overall cost.
  • It also allows you to interact with your doctors who may be in far off cities, without having to travel all the way to meet them.

How do I use GrowAyu services?

You need to download the GrowAyu app from the Google Playstore and register yourself. Then you can include your doctor in your “My Circles” and schedule virtual video based consultation with your doctor.

Which Healthcare Seekers can use GrowAyu?

Healthcare seekers who need to

  • consult a doctor for a review, or
  • consult a doctor for follow up, or
  • seek a second opinion on a health issue, or
  • ask a question about their healthcare issue, or
  • securely store their personal health records and access from anywhere at any time, or
  • book a health checkup with a reputed lab, or
  • avail a home healthcare service for themselves or their family members will benefit from using GrowAyu.

Which ailments can be treated through GrowAyu?

Follow up consultations for chronic ailments such as High BP, Diabetes, Heart related problems, Skin related issues, Asthmatic conditions, Arthritis, Depression can be done through GrowAyu.

  • However, please note that while interactions through this app can help you, it is not a substitute for physical consultations with your doctor.
  • If your doctor advises you to meet in person, then it is necessary for you to meet in person.

Who are the doctors and other providers you have in your application?

At GrowAyu, the doctors who provide healthcare services are well reputed, believe in providing quality healthcare and are practicing specialists, physicians and general practitioners. GrowAyu has verified their authenticity and credentials at the time of including them on the GrowAyu application.

What features does it offer to me?


  • Register yourself on GrowAyu through user id/pwd or google id or facebook id
  • Search and include doctors into your MyCircle
  • Check doctor’s availability for consultations, book a slot and pay for the appointment
  • Join the consultation via video conference

Use a simpler way for interacting with your doctors

  • Spend only a few minutes, instead of a few hours (considering the to & fro time, waiting time and consultation time).
  • With GrowAyu, you won’t be spending time in traffic, or in the hospital queue to meet the doctor.
  • You would spend only the quality time required for interaction with your doctor on a video conference, with your specific health context
  • Have secure and private video based consultations with general & specialist doctors
  • Receive consultation summary and treatment advice as necessary

A secure store for your personal health record

Use GrowAyu’s secure & encrypted facility for storing your health records, prescriptions, lab reports etc. and access them from anywhere through your smartphones

Additional healthcare services

  • Leverage a facility for availing several services provided by our healthcare provider partners.
  • Avail best health checkup packages at discounted prices from our reputed diagnostic lab partners
  • Avail home healthcare services (home care for your parents or grand-parents, home nursing or physiotherapy sessions) right from your app
  • Avail a facility for renting or purchasing medical equipment for home care purposes

Timely alerts and notifications

Receive timely alerts for appointments, payments and promotions from your healthcare providers

Corporate partner benefits

  • If your company is a corporate partner of GrowAyu, leverage the partnership benefits to get additional discounted services from the healthcare providers on the platform
  • If your company is not yet a corporate partner of GrowAyu, connect us to your HR manager so that we can work with him/her to get your company to become a corporate partner of GrowAyu at no cost to the company
  • GrowAyu corporate specific discount offers are available for 4 members in the family, from labs, hospitals, doctors and other healthcare service providers partnering with us
  • Get notifications of those offers on your smartphone


Can I use GrowAyu to consult with a doctor of my choice?

Yes. Through GrowAyu, you always get to consult with a doctor of your choice. GrowAyu does not select any doctor who is available at that time and set up a consultation with you.

How do I know when my doctor is available for a consultation?

You can go your Doctor’s page within the app, and look up his/her calendar for availability slots. You can book any available slot through the app.

What happens if I cancel an appointment?

If you have booked an appointment with the doctor, please know that the doctor would have reserved his/her time for the appointment with you. Hence, unless absolutely necessary, we request you to make yourself available for the scheduled appointment. To prevent misuse of the doctor’s time and to ensure the service remains genuine, we charge a cancellation fee. Your booking amount would be refunded to you with a deduction of the cancellation fee. Alternatively, you may want to re-schedule by contacting GrowAyu support team or by writing to us at support@growayu.com.

What if the doctor cancels an appointment?

In certain cases, the doctor may get held up in some other patient interaction and may not be able to make it for the scheduled appointment with you. In such case, GrowAyu support team would intimate you on this occurrence, and would help you to either re-schedule your appointment to another timeslot, or to cancel the booking and get a full refund of your booking amount.

Can I reschedule an appointment?

Yes. You can reach out to GrowAyu support team to request for a re-schedule of your appointment.

Can you send me a reminder before the appointment?

Yes. You would get a reminder 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment with the doctor.

Can I upload my old prescription for the doctor to see?

Yes. While booking an appointment with your doctor, GrowAyu app provides you the facility to upload your old prescriptions, lab test reports and any other information that you may want to share with the doctor.

Can I update my personal information in your app?

Yes. You can update your personal information, your photograph, your health related details in the app, which would be available for your doctor to see.

Where do I see the consultation summary that the doctor has given me on the app?

You can go to My Circles -> My appointments -> Select the consultation for which you would like to view the consultation summary details -> View Consultation Summary
Alternatively, you can go to Health Record -> View your records and view the consultation summary.

Can I include my other family members in the app?

Yes, you can use it for your family members in the below ways.

  • If your family members have their own Android smartphone or tablet computer, you may download the app on their device and help them to register. This is recommended and would help in preserving and ensuring privacy of their individual health records.
  • If any of your family member doesn’t have their own device, you may use your app to schedule appointments for them. However, in this case, please note that you would be responsible for the privacy of their information.
  • If you are working with one of GrowAyu’s corporate partners, then your corporate benefits are extended to 4 members in your family, and you may avail better services at lower costs for your family members.
  • To get this, please do register your dependent family members choosing your company and mentioning your employee id under the menu ‘Corporate program’, and selecting ‘dependent’.

What do I do if my regular doctor is not listed in the app?

In such a case, please do use the menu ‘Suggest a doctor’ and provide any contact details of your doctor that you can provide. GrowAyu team shall make best efforts to have your suggested doctor included in the app.

GrowAyu for Corporate companies

What is your offering for corporate companies?

GrowAyu can help improve the overall health of your employees, at zero cost to you as a corporate partner.

  • As a corporate company, you can partner with GrowAyu and make GrowAyu healthcare services available for your employees.
  • It enables better overall health of your employee base and their families.
  • It can help increase employee productivity through decrease in their personal & family health related concerns, mainly due to chronic ailments.
  • It can help reduce disruption to office work because of individual and family health reasons
  • It can increase health awareness through periodic health related engagements / talks / content that can be scheduled at your premises and distributed to your employees – related to chronic ailments, nutrition, physiotherapy, stress management and a host of health related areas.
  • It offers a way to add to your corporate HR initiatives towards your employees.

Is there a cost for the company to partner with you?

No. Becoming a GrowAyu corporate partner does not cost you anything.

What can my employees get if I partner with you?

  • book appointments with many general and specialist doctors for consultation or for seeking second opinion or for follow-up consultations
  • pay and have either in-clinic or private video based consultations with those doctors
  • consult Doctors from the convenience of their Home or Office based on the doctors’ availability
  • receive doctor consultation summary on their phone
  • avail a secure and encrypted storage for their personal health records that they can access from anywhere
  • book highly discounted health services such as Lab Tests, Home healthcare services, physiotherapy sessions, stress / nutrition counselling through the app
  • utilise simpler payment options for the services they book

What is GrowAyu Corporate Engagement Programme?

GrowAyu believes in promoting better health awareness and healthy living for all the employees in your organization.

  • To create this awareness, our partnering healthcare service providers would participate in our Corporate Engagement program on a periodic basis and provide insights on better health management
  • We shall work with you to create an interactive engagement plan that includes free sessions on

    • Nutrition,
    • Weight loss,
    • Ergonomics,
    • Physiotherapy,
    • Basic health checkup,
    • Stress management,
    • Women's health,
    • Dental & Eye health,
    • Healthy hair & skin,/li>
    • Certain medical areas (Healthy heart, Preventing diabetes)
    • Cognitive wellness,
    • Others

Usage Tips

For what purposes can I use GrowAyu?

You can use GrowAyu for the below purposes.

  • Connect with doctors to consult either in-clinic or over video consultation
  • Store your personal health records securely and access from anywhere, anytime
  • Book health checkup packages with our reputed diagnostic lab partners
  • Book home healthcare services from our reputed home healthcare partners
  • Leverage your corporate membership to avail healthcare services with additional discounts

For what purposes should I not use it?

We recommend to not use it for emergency purposes.

  • In most of such cases, it is always better to go and meet the doctor in person or avail the service of emergency/ambulance.
  • The GrowAyu services are not intended to be a full replacement of in-person consultation with your doctor.
  • Whenever you doctor requires you to meet in person, please do so.

Do I need an internet connection to use your app?

Yes. We recommend that you use either Wifi, 4G or 3G connection to use the app, especially during the video conference consultation session. That would provide better clarity of the video conference session.

Do I need to do something on my device to use the app?

Yes. You need an Android smartphone that has a front camera.

  • Also, you need to have either Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox browser installed in your phone.
  • Also, when you install the GrowAyu app, you would need to allow the app to access your camera, microphone, network services, and other permissions requested by the app.

What do I do if the app is not working on my mobile or tablet?

Don’t worry. You may contact us on support@growayu.com. We would be happy to help you.

Can I use GrowAyu on an iPhone?

For the moment, GrowAyu can be used only on an Android device. We shall intimate you when the app is available for use on an iPhone.

I was waiting for my appointment, but I didn’t get a call from the doctor. What do I do?

Normally, you would get an app reminder notification 30 minutes before your appointment. Please make sure you are available for the doctor to call you in the duration 15 mins before your scheduled appointment time upto 15 mins from the scheduled time. For example, if your appointment is at 10:30 am, then you may expect your doctor’s call any time from 10:15 am to 10:45 am. In case you still didn’t receive the call, kindly contact GrowAyu support team, who would help you.

How do I improve the quality of the video?

During the video conference session, please ensure that you are in a well-lit area so that your face is clearly visible (in front of a window during the day, or in front of a light during the evenings would be ideal). Also, as much as possible, hold your smartphone or tablet device stationary during the session. These simple steps would help tremendously in improving the quality of the video.

Billing and Payments

In what ways can I pay for the GrowAyu services?

You can pay for the GrowAyu services at the time of availing any services offered on your app

  • Your payments would be processed and handled by our specialized Payments partner fonePaisa.
  • The payment can be made through either Credit Card, Debit card, Net banking or any Mobile Payment wallet that you use.
  • You can make the payments from your accounts with over 50 banks and over 15 payment wallets that you already use. You won’t need to create another account for the payment purposes.

If I cancel a service I have paid for, do you give me a refund?

Yes. For cancelling any service that you may have booked on your app, please reach out to GrowAyu support team at support@growayu.com, and you would get the refund.

  • If you have booked an appointment with the doctor, please know that the doctor would have reserved his/her time for the appointment with you.
  • Hence, unless absolutely necessary, we request you to make yourself available the scheduled appointment.
  • To prevent misuse of the doctor’s time and ensuring the service’s genuinity, we charge a cancellation fee.
  • Your booking amount would be refunded to you with a deduction of the cancellation fee.
  • Alternatively, you may want to re-schedule by calling or writing to the GrowAyu support team at support@growayu.com.
  • The above is also applicable for other services such as health checkup.


Is it safe for me to upload my prescriptions and lab reports in GrowAyu?

Yes. GrowAyu understands that your personal information is precious and takes all necessary precautions to protect your personal information.

  • The privacy of your personal information is governed by GrowAyu Privacy Policy, available in your app and on our website at the URL http://www.growayu.com/privacy.
  • We recommend that you go through the details to understand in more detail how we ensure privacy and protection of your personal information.

Is it safe for me to give my credit card or debit card information in the app?

Yes. GrowAyu has partnered with fonePaisa, a specialized payment processing company that processes your payments in a secure manner.

  • The credit or debit card details that you provide would be available only to fonePaisa for processing your payments.
  • fonePaisa has ensured that it meets all applicable regulatory norms to securely store your credit and debit card information and process the payment securely, in a manner only as authorized by you.

For Doctors

How does using video consultation help patients?

It gives patients the convenience to contact their own specialist for a clarification or routine follow-up review without need to travel. It provides the opportunity to keep in touch with their specialist when patients move further away due to work commitments or otherwise. It enables the patient to connect to specialists for a second opinion which otherwise would have been extremely difficult (for example, specialists based outside India).

How does using video consultation help doctors?

Improved accessibility and engagement helps to improve your patients’ clinical outcomes and maintain your patient pool with less attrition. It also empowers doctors to reach out to wider population beyond their towns/cities.

Do patients contact me at random timings?

No. At the time of on-boarding on to GrowAyu platform, we request you to inform us about day/s of the week and time slots when you are available for on-line consultation. GrowAyu app then displays this calendar, so that patients can only contact you as per your preference.

What if I am stuck with other commitments and could not attend for the scheduled appointment?

If you let GrowAyu know at the earliest, then we will contact the patient and try to arrange appointment with you at a later date and/or time. If this is not possible then we will refund the patient in full.

I have chronic patients who attend my clinic at regular intervals. Can they contact me through GrowAyu for a follow-up consultation?

Of course, yes! In fact this type of patient population are best suited for GrowAyu video consultation as they and you know each other well and feel comfortable and confident to interact. Even if the patient moves to a distant place, they can keep in touch with you. If during the video consultation it turns out that their medical condition has changed/worsened and requires a physical examination, you can advise them to come and see you in your clinic.

Who are the doctors and other providers you have in your application?

At GrowAyu, the doctors who provide healthcare services are well reputed, believe in providing quality healthcare and are practicing specialists, physicians and general practitioners. GrowAyu has verified their authenticity and credentials at the time of including them on the GrowAyu application.

Do I have to agree to the fee as determined by GrowAyu?

Absolutely NOT!! GrowAyu DOES NOT determine your consultation fee. We believe that as a trusted and valuable healthcare provider, you determine your own consultation fee. GrowAyu takes ONLY a fixed amount as a handling fee for providing the platform.

What happens if the patient does not turn up for his/her on-line appointment?

GrowAyu has a cancellation policy for healthcare seekers which is published on the app. If they cancel in advance then GrowAyu refunds the fee in full. If they don’t turn up, then GrowAyu will contact them to arrange appointment with you at an alternate date, but fee will be paid (after deducting GrowAyu handling charge) to you and not refunded to patient

What if I need to do physical examination to make/confirm a diagnosis

If you require this on clinical grounds then it is absolutely fine. GrowAyu encourages you to inform the same to patient and advise him/her to consult you or any other specialist in person.

What is the duration of video appointment?

We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes appointment time for video consultation to ensure better patient engagement and improved clinical outcomes.

How has video consultation been used effectively in certain hospitals/countries?

This method of interaction between health seeker and provider is gaining popularity across the globe

How and when doctors would receive payments from GrowAyu?

Once the video consultation is closed and the doctor completes and submits the summary report of the consultation to GrowAyu, the doctor's fee (after deducting GrowAyu handling charges as discussed with you) will be deposited into the doctor's designated bank account within two weeks.

Why should I partner with GrowAyu?

To join in the journey of digital transformation which is the next paradigm shift in the delivery of healthcare.

I am working full-time in a hospital. Can I still come on board GrowAyu?

Of course, you can. Growyu provides a unique opportunity to reach out to wider patient population beyond your hospital.

How does my hospital benefit from partnering with GrowAyu?

GrowAyu helps to improve the patient engagement following discharge from the hospital. It facilitates to create a virtual heath care facility for your hospital where the specialists at your hospital can provide services to patients from smaller towns