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Offering healthcare services at home of healthcare seekers is becoming an increasingly essential and critical mode of healthcare delivery.

In our country with a severe shortage of doctors, specialists, hospital beds and with a severely uneven distribution of healthcare infrastructure, it is no surprise that many of the healthcare services are moving to the homes of healthcare seekers.

This mode of healthcare delivery can be made highly effective, when the services are offered in a connected mode, in conjunction with other modes of healthcare delivery.

GrowAyu’s connected digital healthcare platform is about engaging the healthcare seeker (such as patients) digitally through access to healthcare providers such as you.

You can offer your home healthcare services and products to all healthcare seekers through the GrowAyu platform.

You can leverage the platform capabilities to also reach out to healthcare seekers, enable bookings, track usage of the services/products and securely collect payments based on your invoices from over 50+ partnering banks, 15+ payment wallets, credit/debit cards through our payment gateway.

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