A Journey to Connect & Care

Healthcare industry has not embraced the same pace of digitization. A continuous engagement (CONNECT) between a healthcare seeker and the healthcare provider ensures higher compliance of medical advice (CARE), which contributes to improved health condition. Ofcourse, for certain cases of healthcare, one needs to be physically engaged by healthcare provider. But what about a case of follow-up visit, repeat consultation, second opinion scenario, curious case of health inquiry and more.

Can online healthcare be the enabler of ‘Connect & Care’?

‘GrowAyu’, our initiative in healthcare space is a technology platform making healthcare ‘all pervasive’ and ‘context ready’. The platform is harnessing the comfort and convenience brought by anytime everywhere access to one’s healthcare ecosystem. Aimed primarily to address the low medical compliance level of chronic healthcare seekers, GrowAyu removes certain physical inconveniences faced by them in ensuring continuous engagement with their doctor and following their medical advice.

GrowAyu is intended to impact lives by improving compliance levels of chronic healthcare seekers through telemedicine, secure management of personal health record, and enabling better connect with the healthcare ecosystem.