A meeting with the doctor

Do you remember the experience the previous time you took an elder member in the family for a routine checkup with the doctor?

One part of the experience would be the actual meeting with the doctor herself, while the other part definitely has to be the drive, the traffic, the formalities at the hospital, the queue, the wait to get a blood test done, the wait to see the doctor, the drive back, the strain of the end-to-end experience and so on. Effectively, for a good 15 minute interaction with the doctor, almost half a day would have got spent, stressfully.

It is not a pleasurable experience, indeed. For a similar checkup the following month, do you recall thinking about postponing the visit, for lack of time and simply dreading the experience?

However, the meeting with the doctor is a necessity and inevitable. It can not and should not be avoided, not only in the case of acute needs but also in the case of long standing chronic ailments. What about the stress of the experience?

Is that a necessity too? Is there a better way to address?