The phenomenon of Omnipresence !!

There was a time, when, if someone had asked the question 'WHERE IS ELECTRICITY?', the answer probably would have been 'it is in the light bulb'.

What if the same question is asked to you now? The answer would be that 'it is everywhere'. It is present in probably a hundred objects in your home, outside your home, in your car, in your rooms, in your office, on the streets, literally everywhere - it has become omnipresent.
Likewise, a few years ago, if you had been asked 'WHERE IS THE COMPUTER?', what would your answer have been?

Some would have said 'it is in the desktop machine', a few would have said 'it is in that big machine in the office control room'. How about answering the same question now? Where is the computer?

Look around. It is in your home, in your office, in your car, in your desktop machine, laptop machine, television, refrigerator, washing machine, phone, watch, pen, may be even in your glasses, and could be inside your body… it is present everywhere around you.

And so are many other things.

If you look at shopping, you don't have to go to a market or a shopping complex; you can do it from anywhere. For banking, you don't have to go to bank branches all the time; you can do banking from wherever you are, using many means available around you.
Omnipresence brings so much convenience, reach, access, efficiency and value.

One significant area in the consumer space that is yet to witness this phenomenon, but has definitely started in that direction, is Consumer Healthcare.

Our hospitals, as healthcare delivery nodes, are always overcrowded with people seeking doctors. Our doctors are always busy treating an increasing number of patients. Poor doctor to population ratios in many countries, adds limitations in accessing and providing

We need new and innovative ways to access healthcare everywhere. The next need for omnipresence is undoubtedly in Consumer Healthcare.
How can healthcare be made omnipresent?

What would it mean for the billions of healthcare seekers around the world?
Any thoughts?