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Do you remember the experience the previous time you took an elder member in the family for a routine checkup with the doctor?

There was a time, when, if someone had asked the question 'WHERE IS ELECTRICITY?', the answer probably would have been 'it is in the light bulb'.

The space that is reshaping and challenging the status quo is 'Online Healthcare'. We see technology adaptation in all aspects of lifestyle and life-stage, but healthcare seems to be lagging behind.

Healthcare ecosystem is not a solo and does not operate in silo. An integral ecosystem is where the healthcare is lifecycle managed. I cannot just become healthy by consulting a dietician or a physician alone.

Heard a lot about omni-channel and ubiquitous in retail and banking world. These industries have transformed from the notion that a consumer has to be at a store to buy or a branch to do banking.

Healthcare industry has not embraced the same pace of digitization. A continuous engagement (CONNECT) between a healthcare seeker and the healthcare provider ensures higher compliance of medical advice (CARE), which contributes to improved health condition.