Delivering a Game-changing Healthcare Experience

GrowAyu, a unique healthcare technology platform, provides a one-of-a kind experience to patients and healthcare providers. It leverages an intuitive user interface and latest technologies to provide patients an easy way to interact and engage with doctors, while empowering health care providers to offer health consultation on the go. Doctors can not only stay in constant touch with their patients but also discuss critical cases with a multidisciplinary panel to deliver better healthcare outcomes.

The solution provides a simple and user-friendly dashboard for patients, helping them consult with doctors through video conferencing, at their own convenience. In addition, patients suffering from chronic ailment such as high BP, diabetes, heart or skin related problems can remotely engage with their doctor, without having to travel for physical consultation. This not only helps patients get quick medical advice but also reduces travel related costs.

Our platform also enables patients to upload health records in a secure server for easy access while allowing doctor to upload their patients case history, photos and reports for multidisciplinary consultation.