Connected Digital Healthcare Solution

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Take Healthcare Management to Next Level

With increasing gap between healthcare services delivery and demand, accessing quality healthcare is becoming a dire challenge. Lack of medical infrastructure and increasing non-compliance of medical advise further hampers quality healthcare. GrowAyu’s Connected Digital Healthcare Solution enables healthcare seekers to manage their health at their convenience and healthcare providers to deliver medical advice through video conferencing. This results in seamless health management and enhanced medical compliance.

Our Services

GrowAyu’s Connected Digital Healthcare solution is a one-stop-solution for healthcare providers to deliver online consultation and for patients to seek healthcare advice anywhere, anytime.

medical records

Access digital medical records, and health information that is gathered continuously through wearables for bettering the medical advice


Monitor and exchange medical information as well as enable virtual visits to doctor


Proactively engage with healthcare seekers based on their recorded medical condition


Enable end-to-end treatment and management of chronic health conditions with improved access to multiple healthcare providers


Access personalized health check-up calendar and avail healthcare facilities at home.

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