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The connected digital healthcare platform is about engaging the healthcare seeker (such as patients) digitally through access to healthcare providers (such as doctors, hospitals, labs & diagnostic centers, and home healthcare service providers).

GrowAyu has been designed to connect these providers with the seeker at two levels. One being part of ‘My Circle’ of the seeker’s app of GrowAyu and the other being at ‘Interaction Level’, where the health records get created and accessible as per seeker’s need.

With this model of engagement between seeker and the provider via GrowAyu, we believe, GrowAyu will contribute to your Hospital:

  • In providing a simple & effective way to engage your healthcare seekers through your hospital services
  • for proactive and periodic engagement with your seekers by sending booking reminders
  • with a facility for managing in-clinic/walk-in/telephone based appointment booking for consultations
  • with a facility for offering online video consultation by your resident doctors
  • improving clinical effectiveness with patient conversion earlier in the lifecycle
  • optimizing the use of medical infrastructure (Doctor’s time, hospital’s infrastructure)
  • reducing the overall cost of healthcare delivery, and
  • enabling higher overall productivity

‘Virtual Care’ facility

GrowAyu enables your hospital with a ‘Virtual Care’ facility that provides you

  • a highly scalable technology platform for offering online video and text based consultation facility to your patients
  • a powerful channel for digital engagement with your existing and new patients to offer care beyond their hospital stay
  • a remote care facility for reaching out to healthcare seekers in Tier-2 / Tier-3 cities and towns, through setting up extended or peripheral centers, from where, while people visit their local clinics / hospital, they can consult with specialist doctors from your hospital
  • reach and access to Corporate / Companies through unique value proposition and partnerships

Hub & Node Model

  • As per the 2011 census, over 70% of Indian population is living in Rural areas. This is where the real masses of India exist and any technology that is developed can make a meaningful difference only when it is able to reach those masses.
  • In addition to our mobile offering, GrowAyu offers a Hub & Node model to make specialist doctor services available to people in Tier-2 and 3 cities/towns at a very low cost and with convenience. In our country, where close to 80% of doctors are residing in urban cities, their services can be made available in other areas through leveraging technology.
  • Your hospital can operate as a ‘Hub’ through partnering with hospitals in surrounding smaller cities or towns and offer virtual care services, through peripheral centers
  • For your hospital – This increases the reach and enables you to offer your specialist consultation services (say, in Cardiology) to healthcare seekers in other towns / surrounding cities without a major capital investment
  • For your partner hospital – This enables them to offer specialist consultation services from your doctors to people of that town / city while they are still in that town / city
  • At the same time, offer virtual consultations on the mobile directly to smartphone users

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